The Planet Whizbang
Pocket Notebook Story

Updated: 3 October 2019
By: Herrick Kimball

The Planet Whizbang Pocket Notebook

I have used various pocket notebooks for most of my adult life (a lot of years). Also known as memo books, these little volumes of blank paper can be amazingly useful tools for quickly jotting down important thoughts, phone numbers, appointments, etc. Properly utilized, a pocket notebook can help to organize your life, save you a lot of time and trouble, and help you to be more productive.

So I was pleasantly surprised when someone sent me a pocket notebook made by the Field Notes company. What a great product and a great little gift!

Another company, Moleskine, makes a dizzying variety of upscale pocket notebooks. My 19-year-old son tells me that pocket notebooks are now a "hipster" thing, which I understand to mean trendy and fashionable.

Like I said, I've been using pocket notebooks for a long time—long before they were considered hipster. Nerdy might have been a more apt term for guys like me back in the day. Whatever the case, I'm sure I'll be using pocket notebooks long after they have gone out of style (again). But I do appreciate the renewed awareness about how sensible and practical pocket notebooks are. And all of this got me to thinking….

My homestead-based business, Planet Whizbang, has a catchphrase that sums up what the company is all about: Down-To-Earth Books, Tools & Inspiration. The more I thought about pocket notebooks, and what a useful tool they are, it occurred to me that I could create a Planet Whizbang pocket notebook that perfectly combines what my company is all about. And that is exactly what I have done.

My Planet Whizbang pocket notebooks are Down-To-Earth because, for one thing, they sport the distinctive Planet Whizbang logo of a leafy beet (it's not a radish!). The notebooks are also, of course, Books. They can (and should) be used as Tools. And for the Inspiration part of the equation, I printed one of the most inspiring, down-to-earth quotes I've ever read on the back cover…

The official Whizbang Notes inspirational quote is printed on the back cover of each notebook.
(click picture for a better view of the quote)

Another down-to-earth aspect about these notebooks is the raw sienna color. It reminds me of tanned leather, but it's just cardboard, mind you. And the cover has a glossy finish so the notebook really "pops," (I think that might be a hipster word) especially with the beet and those golden Saturnal rings. 

Though all hipsters will, I'm sure, want to have and use these trendy Planet Whizbang pocket notebooks, they haven't been developed with hipsters in mind. 

I have created these notebooks for deliberately-down-to-earth, independent-minded, hands-on people… for active people… for productive people… for the kind of folks who, for example, might raise and pluck their own chickens (with a homemade Whizbang plucker), or who make their own apple cider (with Whizbang Cidermaking equipment), or who grow their own gardens (where they may  employ Whizbang Gardening Ideas, as well as a homemade Whizbang wheel hoe), or who have small-scale home business enterprises, or who, perhaps, use Classic American clothespins. You know who you are.

Finally, I want to point out that these handy pocket notebooks are not only beautiful, practical and inspiring, they're also very affordable. CLICK HERE for details and online ordering buttons.