101 Things You Can Do
With A Planet Whizbang
Pocket Notebook

These aren't just the most attractive 
little pocket notebooks in the world. 
They're also downright handy….

It so happens that the Planet Whizbang pocket notebook is a remarkably useful multi-functional tool. There are the typical notebook applications, worthy enough in themselves to justify the purchase of some of these notebooks, but there are also the many not-so-obvious uses. What follows is a list of some common, and not-so-common, applications for this amazing tool...

Keep to-do lists and to-get lists

Record names, phone numbers, dates, times, web sites, prices, and etc.

Jot down inspirational quotes and interesting facts when you hear them.

Record ideas as they come to you… before you forget them.
Most ideas slip your mind after 30 seconds. 
Draw a map, tear out page, and give it to someone who asks you for directions.

 Jot down recipes or recipe ideas

Make an IOU and tear out the page.

Record notes from a speech or presentation.

Make a note to leave on someone's door or windshield.

Use as a log to record business miles driven 
(easily stores in visor).

Use as an auto maintenance log 
(keep in glove compartment).

Record calories, if you're a calorie counter.

Mini journal 
(one page a day)

Geocache treasure.

Emergency firestarter 
(one page at a time)

The whole book can be used as a shoehorn.

Pages can be used as spitwad ammo.
(when's the last time you had a spitwad war with your kids?)

Notebook can be used as a mini ruler. 
The lines on the pages are 1/4" apart.

Record and keep track of billable hours.

Mini travel diary

Address book.

Birthday book.

Yearly garden journal.

Bull distraction…. 
If you are ever chased by a bull, and throw something on the ground behind you (as  you are running away) the bull will stop momentarily to check it out, giving you a little extra time to get away. A hat or coat will suffice if you don't want to lose your notebook.

Whizbang pocket notebooks make great gifts 
for people of all ages.

Receipts that you want to save can be folded and 
paper clipped into the notebook.

Emergency toilet paper… 
tear out a page, crumple and re-crumple until soft.

Tear out a page and use it as a bookmark.

Emergency dental floss…
 Slide the edge of the cover between your teeth 
to dislodge stuck food.

Opened in the center, the book is 9.5"  long 
and works remarkably well as a flyswatter.

Help me out here. 
I need more uses to get to 101. 
Please add to this list 
with you comment below.
Thank you.


Jasper McConnigle said...

While lying inthe sun, open the notebook and spread across your eyes for protection.

Jasper McConnigle said...

Make a small paper airplane to deliver a message to a comely lass or lassette or even to Lassy.

Ter - N. MI said...

Swatting the dog as she tries to "play" with the chickens.

Sheila Gilbert said...

Open half way and tuck the back half into your shirt pocket, while letting the front half hang over your pocket, so friends will ask you,

"What the heck that BEET is doing, with a halo on it?"

Then you can tell them it's a "Saturn Thingie" and confuse the daylights out of all of them, including yourself.

Anonymous said...

Jot down chicken names:)..I like Festus for my next Rooster from Festus Haggan on Gunsmoke.

mellen said...

In an "emergency", use a page to blot your newly applied lipstick.

mellen said...

In an "emergency", use a sheet to blot your newly applied lipstick.

writerdeman said...

1. Jot down that recipe for Turducken while at the doctor's office.
2. Write down the new church visitors names as soon as they are out of sight, so you don't have to ask their names AGAIN.
3. Stocking stuffers! (Christmas stockings, that is.)

Mike said...

Use it to jot down info you receive from the phone calls or voicemail messages you receive at home, work or on your smartphone. Even though I have an iPhone I still keep a notebook in my pocket to transcribe caller's name, number etc. A low tech solution in a high tech world. :)