Where In The World
Are Whizbang Notes?

George Washington's Stercorary at Mount Vernon

Once you have your own supply of Whizbang pocket notebooks, you will, of course, not go anywhere without one. That being the case, there's a real good chance that you and your notebook will find yourself in places of natural or manmade beauty like, for example, the Grand Canyon, or Mount Rushmore. Or maybe you'll find yourself in a unique and interesting place, like next to the restored stercorary at George Washington's Mount Vernon. Or, maybe you'll simply be on your tractor baling hay. Whatever the case, take a picture of the place and your Whizbang Notes pocket notebook, then e-mail the picture to me. I'll post it below.

Make sure the picture (or link to a picture) that you send is big enough that people will not need a magnifying glass to see and understand it. Let me know where the picture was taken. You can be anonymous or you can let me know your name and give me permission to use it. If your face is in the picture, please say "cheese."

This could be fun. Use your imagination. My e-mail is: hckimball@bci.net